September 5, 2011

In Your Neck of The Woods: Labor Day

In our neck of the woods, we had fun in cooler temps, celebrating the end of summer. I really don't like saying the end of summer, by the way. So, secretly, I am going to just pretend it still is!

Rock climbing at the park with little miss. She and I spent 2 nights at Pa's house. Dad and the boy stayed behind, smoked the meat for our family get together, and cleaned up the yard.

We also watched the Cowboys game, of course! GO POKES!

We saw Hadlers. 

We watched some great sunsets! 

Gav and Jack did some self portraits.

And, then they slept. Back to the grind Tuesday. 


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1 comment:

ShaRhonda said...

I agree, not the end of the summer until September 22...


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