February 28, 2012

So nice to be missed....

And it's doubly nice to be missed by a Hollywood actress.

Many of you might remember I struck up a tweetship with Yvette Brown, you know Shirley from Community. Well, that carried over into a Words with Friends-hip. Yes, she invites ME to play y'all.

So, during this hiatus of a month I'll call it, my WWF play has been lacking. I'm usually a 4 or 5 times a day player. The other day I logged on to see it'd been 5 whole days! Whoa! I was even shocked.

I played my turns with everyone, including both games I have going with Yvette. And do you know she messaged me, and said "well, welcome back you!" I about cried. Obviously, I'm overly emotional. But, still.

I love you too Shirley!!


Jonni Baloney said...

Does this mean you have to let her win?

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

Of course you didn't let her win!! How fun for you! I bet you never miss a day again.

Jill of All Trades said...

I hardly know if I win most of the time because it is just fun to play.


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