June 13, 2008

Outside today...

First, this froggy jumped on me while I was wrangling out the waterslide. I screamed, but then we decided to take pictures and NOT capture it, which is usually the case with Gavin. He inherited some kind of freak outdoorsman gene- and not from me or his dad. Throw that boy on a farm or ranch and he'd be happy for days doing nothing but staying outside finding ways to be dirty. We don't happen to have a ranch (you pretty much have to win the lotto around here to afford more than an acre or two! Really, I called on some land not far from us and the man wanted 1.4 million dollars!! Yah- okay Mr.) , so he makes do. Grandparents with larger areas to roam help out. This waterslide is the best investment- by the way. I bought it 2 summers ago when they go on clearance at the end of summer. A great buy! Hours of enjoyment, a little scary creative jumping and climbing...they love it. Gavin is not pictured because he was inside after the frog incident. He is suppose to be cleaning his room before he does any other activity. This is often the case as that boy can make a mess in his room in 30 seconds flat, then spend 4-5 days wailing about cleaning it up!

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