June 13, 2008

Spartan Tournament Update

Aren't these cute little baseballers lined up for the national anthem? Gavin's team won again last night in the City Tournament (City meaning All-Tulsa, for you outsiders). We play again tomorrow. We are sure to have at least 3 more games because it is double emlim and we haven't lost yet. Gavin had some super hits last night. I am going to do my best to get video of an at bat...this is easier said than done as some of you know! On a side note- last summer Gavin wanted to bleach his hair. We did. Many friends also did. (When he started back to school this little girl even said- Gavin, you are blonde too? All the boys are blonde!) We even kept him kind of blonde through the year with me and him wanting his hair longer, and dad wanting it shorter. Well, the other day he suggested to be really blonde again. So, I made him a bleach blonde...boy, is he easy to find in a line up!

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