July 20, 2009

the hiatus

*sigh* I suppose I should post so I don't get in trouble with mai advertisers. Although- I've been sending peeps this way thru old posts- so they shouldn't worry. I've had traffic. Actually I got paid for ads this month for the 2nd time! Woot! All thanks to www.thenesternc.com and a few other bloggy carnivals who sent folks over in the past few weeks!

I'm blogging from my itouch, typing with one hand, while a certain 5 yo is on my lap for her bop-a-bye time. I've got lots of summer stories to post and pics to share- but I can't post pics to blogger from itouch. They are suppose to be working on that (for like a year!). Anyhow my point is, I rarely want to sit in there at the desktop to write and since my 2nd crappy DELL laptop died there isn't another choice. Sure, people, I'd love a mac book. I'd also love the funds for one! Then I could get the surgery I need, or the computer. Tough choices.

So, back to the point o
f this story which is I'm having a summer hiatus of sorts. We've been doing and going- and trying to make sure the kids have fun is putting a cramp in my blogging and Twitter and scrabble playing. And we haven't even gotten to do half the things I wanted yet. Now school supplies are out and I'm wondering where the summer went already! I'm going back on hiatus for a bit longer. I'm going to try and fill up what's left of summer with some more fun stuff!

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