September 22, 2009

and again, it's been too long

This time I blame the rain. Yip. Just like Milli Vanilli. I mean 15 days of rain in a month that's not even over will do that to ya. I've been in another writing funk. I've also been working on a new website. But mostly I've just been a funk.

Gavin is doing well at football. He's liking it best when he practices at linebacker. If you've seen him you know why that is stinking hilarious. School is very much a challenge for us all right now. Mrs. Wertz is very missed. We continue to pray for her and her family.

Grayce is adoring school and her teachers and her friends, new and old. This week she's been sick- still is. Going into day 5 of fever. She is beside herself about missing school. Has begged me on many occassion's to go the last few days. I'm remembering this for later when she has teenaged angst or whatever.

As many of you have wondered, this is my first year with both kiddos at school. l've been busy with making shirts & taxi-ing kids & monogramming bags and making more shirts to fill my time. I'm also the team mom for football and the homeroom mom for Grayce's class. But also I have signed up to substitute at school. I'm not done with the process, so I don't have any exciting info to share yet. Yes, I've already questioned my sanity.

I'm hoping some sunshine can lift the funk soon. But- I'm still waiting for that in a healthy dose. At least I know moving to Seattle would be a really bad idea for me. That's all I got from this, folks.

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