September 12, 2009

Brad Paisley, Yep.

So, last night I was twittering and I see something about @paisleyoffical- which does not even say to me "Brad Paisley". But I was intriguied and figured out it was him. Or at least looked like his account. The chatter on his stream looked as though it could be real, so I sent a silly tweet-[ajsouthern I was thinkin' @paisleyofficial was a drapery & bedspread judge of some sort. But no. It belongs to teh Brad.about 10 hours ago from TwitterFon] thinking if it was him, he wouldn't respond anyway- as most celebs do not. Unless, they want on my all important Cool Celeb's that Twitter list. And, I know they must be crazy not to want on my list. Lo and behold, I see this, this AM:
paisleyofficial I am. Very judgemental about paisley patterns. RT@ajsouthern: I was thinkin' @paisleyofficial was a drapery & bedspread judge of some sort.about 7 hours ago from TwitterFon

So, then, well- I have to investigate the realness before I get all excited. And I go to HIS official website this AM and see my little name on the front page of it. Right up there. Brad Paisely, yep. Add him to the list.

On another note of absolutely NO relation:

I have been out of blog pocket even more than my usual absence lately because of the tragic events of the past week. Please continue to keep the Wertz family in your prayers. If you've been following my tweets and FB then you know how tough it has been. There is a whole post about it somewhere in me, but I can't find it right now.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Brad Paisley. For real.
Sue from WV

Jen said...

Hahaha! I just saw his twitter name the other day on the fan club site and when I saw your post I about died laughing. That's is too cool that he replied. (I found you from the Blog Her link)

~Sandy~ said...

I'll have to check this out:) I looooooove Brad!!! He is one of my favorites:)


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