November 19, 2009

The List

I reallllllly need to post. Realllllly. But, I'm back in the writers funk. You know so much in there, but just can't get it typed out.

Here's the excuse list as to why I have not blogged lately, but also are the exact things I need to blog about:

-End of football season
-Planning trip to Corn Maze & cookout for football team & parents
-5 Football games in 6 days
-Planning/ having end of the year football party for 50 tonight
-Getting Gray ready for a pageant the 21st
-Gray doing the fashion show a few weeks ago
-Volunteering at school in art class
-School conference
-My car being broken into, and allowing myself to be interviewed for the news about it

That's all I can think of now- and that all has happened in the last 13 days or so. Plus, you know, the other regular stuff. Stay tuned. I'll catch up at some point. Maybe.

1 comment:

ShaRhonda said...

As if that is not enough......Love ya girl! Keep your chin up!


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