November 29, 2009

O, Christmas Tree- O, Christmas Tree

The tree is up!

The Nutcracker's have all found homes.

The stockings are hung....

and the garland is lit. AND...

(Having no other place for this little number) ...I decided to add this to Gavin's room. Which in turn caused me to have to buy this today:

because-"that is so NOT fair".

Now, we have a pink tinsely tree in Gray's room, complete with pink lights. Then, Gavin says- "that is so NOT fair, mine doesn't have lights."

Yah. You just can't win.

Merry Christmas & happy decorating!

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Alicia said...

I do have to say the pink tree is my fav!!!! I have been begging my husband to let me put one in MM's room. But then I would have to get one for AS as well (not pink).

Dawn said...

Love all your decorations!

Courtney has a silver tree decorated with purple, hot pink and lime green ornaments. So cute!


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