April 12, 2010

MckLinky Monday: In My Hometown

Today's MckLinky Monday over at theRHOK.com is Where do you come from?? Tell us about your hometown.

I grew up, for the most part, in Bartlesville.  A not so small, very oil town about 45 minutes north of Tulsa (Population in July 2008: 35,914).

I lived there from age 4 on....my parents just moved from there 2 years ago.  They were there 30 years, same house. Even though it wasn't such a small town,  we lived in a small subdivison...8 of those neighbors were, or are still there 30+ years later.  All my sisters and I attended the same elementary, same jr high, and same high school.  So, while there were over 400 in my graduating class, we had a mall,  a civic ballet, and a skyline- it wasn't too big. It was the best of both worlds (please, excuse the horrible Hannah Montana reference- really I tried to think of something else but couldn't).   Also, it's where the Pioneer Woman is from, by the way.  Just a fun fact for ya.  I mean, she's no Chuck Norris, but, hey.

You know what else we have there? Awesome architecture. It's true. There is a Frank Lloyd Wright.  And our high school is an art deco masterpiece. Among, many many other beautiful structures like the Community Center and the home of Frank Phillips.  Which brings me to the expalnation of what has kept Bartlesville alive and from flatlining: Phillips 66.  Now known as Conoco/ Phillips. The largest employer in the city and the reason some of my friends lived in Houston, Borger, and then came back again.  People moving in and out was such a way of life there- but you always knew they might come back. Neither of my parents worked for Phillips.  We were minority.

Bartlesville will forever be my hometown- and I do miss going back there since my parents moved. The first time I'd been back in 2 years was 2 months ago. For my mom's funeral. What a reason, huh? Our church was just another beautiful building that I loved. Baptized there, friends there, married there- and now it holds a whole other sense. The town is sentimental to me now, more than before. It's where I'm from, where I lived for over half my life, where you should really visit sometime.  Being from there, you take all it's cool stuff for granted. I had a great childhood there, and still have friends from my Kindergarten class. That's really what I want for my kids, too.  How many of you are still in touch with your kindergarten class?

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Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I can honestly say I am still in touch w/ many of my kindergarten class! LOL! Great post! Bartlesville is a town/city with wonderful history! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

Baloney said...

I'm still in touch with a couple of friends from 2nd grade - does that count?!
Loved your post today. Still so sorry about your mom.

Hautemama said...

I live in such a small town that Bartlesville is the "bigger" town I go to when I need to do a big grocery buying spree...B-ville actually has more than one grocery store. It's also the town I go to when I need to go to the mall or Dillards. I would love to live there...such a clean, beautiful city! And...a lot of my relatives live there!

Nadine Hightower said...

And that's why I love small towns, I am still friends with the same people that I knew in Kinneygarten. They may know all your business but YOU KNOWS THEIRS!

Kellyology said...

I still have friends that I've known since 3rd grade, but not as far back as kindergarten--that's 32 years. Pretty awesome. I feel lucky to have them

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I love seeing everyone's Where you came from posts! It is nice to still know people from elementary school isn't it?! Muskogee is very sentimental to me now and it seems like the last couple of times I've been there was for my Gma's funeral and now helping to go thru her house and get ready to sell a lot :( -Sorry about your mom.

Megan said...

Actually...I just caught up with a few of my old Kindergarten class mates. Amazingly enough. My parents started homeschooling me when I started third grade so I nearly lost touch with them. But, we have caught back up and it was almost like we never lost touch to begin with. Pretty cool.

I have been to Bartlesville a couple times and didn't really realize all that is there. Thanks for sharing!



Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Very cool. I've always thought that Bartlesville is a very nice town. The Price Tower has long been a favorite of mine.

Dawn said...

I think B'ville is beautiful!

We love the kiddie park that's there.

No, I'm not still friends with anyone from my kdg. class. :(

I'm still friends with those from second grade.

TIFFANY said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my dad in November. It's tough.

I'm having a great time reading through your blog and catching up on things!


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