April 26, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Newlywed-ded Bliss?

What did you learn as a newlywed?

Link up and share your story with the Housewives for MckLinky Monday.

I'm going to do this as a list, rather than a story- why? Because I can that's why. It's my blog ya know. And I am using sort of a Vegas theme, because that's where we went on our honeymoon.

1. DO NOT show all your cards in the beginning. Make sure you pretend you don't know how to, or care to do many things.  Keep them on their toes. It's important they not start to expect things. Trust me.

2. DO NOT let your spouse lose his wallet the first day you are in Vegas on your honeymoon, especially when you have just turned 21 may or may not look the part.

3. RELISH in the fact you did not allow him to carry all the money at once, and only took what was needed out of the room each time. AND you made him carry that in his front pocket and give you the other half.  That way, you really only have lost your ID. And you can jump around from place to place before getting asked for it and kicked out.  Also, thankfully stupid terrorists had not yet ruined flying, and you could still board a plane home with NO ID.

4. One mile on a Vegas map is really equal to about 12.

5. Boys are messy and dirty. Kids quadruple this.

6. I cannot make a pie crust to save my life. The first one I made weighed about 3 pounds.

7. Yah, I know those last 2 don't really have anything to do with Vegas, but, again, it's my blog.

8. I can't really remember anything else, other than it greatly annoys me that the husband does not think a meal with no meat is actually a meal.  We should have discussed this prior. AND, I should have maybe payed attention he only knows how to cook like 3 things.  Hamburger Helper is one of those. And that's just crap(s)y.

9. (*velveeta alert*) But since we are a great pair, and have a full house, we won't fold. Coming up on 14 years in May, we may have lost a few hands, but we're still betting on the jackpot. 

Enjoy & link up!

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Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I think we should sell your list as a Bridal Shower gift. I wish I had known better and followed your #1 rule.
We went to Vegas on our honeymoon also, which means I need to add that Vegas in the middle of July is a horrible, horrible idea.
~Mrs. Priss

Kellyology said...

My entire post involves rule number 1. I think it's the most important one, especially after reading all of the posts involving new wives feeling such pressure to perform in the kitchen.

ShaRhonda said...

I'm w/ the other girls, loving your list!!!

Beth said...

Excellent essay on how to survive that first year Vegas style! :)

New follower from RHOK!

Redneck Diva said...

We have the meatless meal debate quite often, too. He thinks everything should be rolled in flour, fried and covered in gravy. Would it kill him to eat a salad every now and then?? Yeesh.

Dawn said...

Hahaha! Loved the list!
I'm with Mrs. Priss, this should be a bridal shower gift!

Congrats on almost 14 years. We will celebrate 17 in November. The time has flown by. I swear it feels like I've known him my whole life.

Jennifer said...

Great list!

Especially the advice about not showing all your talents right away.
What is it with men and their issues with meatless dinners?

Love the losing the ID in Vegas. We went to Reno to get married.. went to the courthouse only to find out that I had forgot to bring my purse (had left it in the room at the motel).


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Well I'm learning stuff here.


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