February 24, 2011

Oscar Trivia! Special Kudos Prize to the Winner!

No surprise I love Oscar season. I will have a post all about movies up tomorrow over at Buy-Her.com. Then next week, I will have one up at the RHOK.com all about the Oscar fashion. But today it's Oscar trivia day here at the Southern Family. Here are the rules:

1. NO CHEATING. I will know, too. I will. Don't be a cheater.
2. Answer in comments.


1.Which not-so-dizzy blonde won an Oscar for Cactus Flower?

2. Who did Loretta Lynn choose to play her in Coal Miner's Daughter?

3.Titanic won 11 Oscars, but for how many was it nominated?

4.Who won a Best Supporting Actor awarded for Hannah And Her Sisters?

5.In which film did Cher win an Oscar playing Loretta Castorini?

6.In which decade of the 20th century were the Oscars born?

7.Whose 1989 Oscar for Glory was the first awarded to a black American for 50 years?

8.For which film was Judi Dench nominated for her first Oscar?

9.What is the name of the daughter of Oscar winner Joel Gray who starred in Dirty Dancing?

10.Which Stevie Wonder song won an Oscar for The Woman in Red?

11.Who was up for an Oscar as Sally Field's daughter in Steel Magnolias?

12.Following his True Grit Oscar, what did John Wayne's fellow actors and his horse wear while filming a new movie?

13.Which actress was the second in history to win an Oscar (for Roman Holiday) and a Tony (for Ondine) in the same year?

14.Which French actor was Oscar-nominated for Cyrano de Bergerac?

15.Which anniversary did the Oscars celebrate in 1998?

16.Who won an Oscar for the music of Chariots of Fire?

17.Which Fonda won an honorary award in 1980?

18.For which film did Robert de Niro win his first Oscar?

19.Which 1996 multi-Oscar-winner was based on a Michael Ondaatje novel?

20.Which was the first family to boast three generations of Oscar winners including middle-generation John?

21.1987 was a successful year for Michael Douglas but which movie won him an Oscar?

22.Which successful song from Top Gun was a hit for Berlin?

23.What was the nationality of Sophie in the Oscar-winning Sophie's Choice?


jennykate77 said...

1. No clue
2. Sissy Spacek
3. I'm guessing 15 or so?
4. George Clooney? lol
5. Moonstruck??
6. 30s or 40s?
7. So, it's not Halle Berry. LOL Denzel Washington maybe
8. No clue
9. Jennifer Gray
10. I Just Called To Say I Love You?
11. Julia Roberts
12. gold?
13. Audrey Hepburn?
14. ??
15. 60?
16. ??
17. Jane Fonda
18. Godfather?
19. ??
20. Barrymores
21. ??
22. Danger Zone
23. Spanish

kickedtothemoon said...

1. Marisa Tomei
2. Sissy Spacek
3. 15 (wild guess)
4. No idea (Following the rules and being a good girl by not cheating)
5. Moonstruck
6. hmmm...1940s (?)
7. D. Washington
8. No idea
9. Jennifer!
10. I just called to say I Love You
11. Julia Roberts
12. vest (?)
13. Hepburn, A.

14. Forget the French!
15. 62nd (?)
16. No idea
17. Henry Fonda
18. The Godfather (part 2 i think)
19. The English Patient
20. Don't know
21. wall street
22. Take my breath away
23. Polish

6 Happy Hearts said...

1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Sissy Spacek
3. I'm guessing 24
4. Steve Martin
5. Moonstruck
6. 20's
7. That guy in the crime movies
8. Queen Something
9. Jennifer Gray
10. Love is Blind
11. Julia Roberts
12. Eye Patch
13. Audrey Hepburn
14. Phillipe Something
15. 70
16. The piano guy
17. Robert Fonda
18. Running Bull
19. Titanic
21. Wallstreet
22. You Take my Breath Away
23. Romania
Fun quiz! I did a short post for tomorrow on the Oscars. Your post was much more entertaining!

Baloney said...

This is so not my area. :)


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