June 6, 2009


As you can tell if you have been here, my blogging has been lacking. Just lack of motivation really to keep up. I try, I think I get somewhere, then 2 steps back. I am sure others feel this way about working towards the blogging goal. Plus, I get discouraged that I am not able to attend any of the conferences, or things like that. It's depressing really.

I have a lot of things I think of blogging, but then the time to do it lapses. For instance, the whole JK8 saga. Driving me mad- and not for any reason that anyone seems to be talking about. It's because its one of my kids favorite shows to watch. Therefore, when they are negatively plastered all over magazines and tabloids, and TV news and tabloid shows- then I have to explain. Doesn't anyone realize a lot of fans are kids?? I've also been extrememly ANNOYED with the fact that somehow when I make something that someone ordered, then that really isn't exactly what they wanted- it still seems to be MY problem. That issue has caused me serious stress all week. I still have a headache from it.

Oh, and today is my birthday.

So, I am trying to re-vamp here. I hope you can stick it out if you are still here, through the lull. Trying to get more oraganized with writing so I can be sure and join the blog carnivals I usually do. And I will have to work that in around summer stuff.

Feel free to chime in!

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southerninspiration said...

happy birthday!! I hope you won't have a stressful day! Especially about blogging. And I agree about the JK8 thing......enough already.

Blogging for me should not be stressful. I find when I lack inspiration I go find some "theme" someone has going on and join in. There are themes everywhere. Or just find a quote and expound on it or something light and funny. Life's too short to stress out over something meant to be fun. Have a terrific day, and let us know what you did for your birthday! A post idea!! :)


Baloney said...

Happy Bday!
Did I tell you my shirts are all wrong and you need to remake them?
hee hee - so funny, isn't it?!
or not.

Ashley @ Mrs007.com said...

just getting caught up with my google reader...Happy Birthday a few hrs late! I hope it was fabulous!!!

Soliloquy said...

This is blog is not for US. It's for YOU.

Don't forget that.

We can wait.


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