June 1, 2009


Sorry to have been neglecting the ol' blogger. I have been busy with these two.

The first few days of school being out are always a, um, challenge.

Just like the challenge of Grayce making this slide and plunge with NO floaties (like she has on above). I've been working with her on her swim strokes & breathing. And sure enough- by the time we left today, she had slid, plunged and swam to the edge without any flotation devices about 15 times.

She's almost a fish. I can't believe she has come so far in just a couple of days. We're working on the brother. For some reason he decided he can't swim. Even though he can. Not sure about water regression. Anyone? The fact that she can do it only slightly irked him enough that he did do the slide, once. That was enough for him. Just so she knew she didn't have anything up on him. Understand the challenge part now?

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