December 18, 2009

Lil' G's Holiday Party

Yesterday was Gray's holiday party. The one I am in charge of since I am the HM. Homeroom Mom. SO, my pictures are LACKING folks. Can't host and shoot I guess.
Despite that, the kids had so much fun! Their lovely teacher got them all their very own Minnie the elf, plus the Llama, Llama Red Pajama Book- and the crowd went wild!

This is her extreme joy face- smiling so big she gets cute squinty eyes.

Then we made dried okra into candy canes. Remember when I had that monster okra in the garden? Well, it was put to a use.

We also made foam Christmas tree ornaments they decorated in foam stickers. I love foam stickers and foam forms. Easy peasy, no glue!

Then the kiddos had a book exchange with each other. They all wrapped the books, themselves, away from the others. Then they played a game like hot potato and hand the books off- then you had to the keep the one you ended up with, NO trading. Hee hee. They were all the same book. So, so funny when they figured that out!
Big G's party is later today. Maybe I can get more pics there.

Fourth post this week! Yay! I missed yesterday, but the aforementioned post is my excuse.

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1 comment:

Tammy said...

She is precious!!

And, a candy cane from dried okra...never before have my Southern eyes seen this. Cute!


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