December 15, 2009

With Every Christmas Card I Write....

Look another so fun bloggy carnival & a post 2 days in a row!! Go me!

I have not one, but 2 cards. 'Cause I make them, and I can.


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AmazingGreis said...

Both cards are so cute. Love Grayce's spelling. I'm a "Grace" too, but it's Greis! LOL

Have a good holiday.

Anne Younger said...

Cute cards!
Happy Holidays to you and yours and best wishes for 2010!

Heather said...

nice cards-Love the first one!

Have a very happy holidays and an excellent 2010!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

So jealous of your card making skillz. They are gorgeous, as are your kids!

Happy Holidays!

AMomTwoBoys said...

Nice work! They're gorgeous!

At first I felt bad for Jack, but then I noticed you had his name on it too! :0)

Merry Christmas!


Zandi said...

Wow! They are both beautiful cards but the 2nd one is my fave! Happy Holidays!

Kirsten said...

They are both great! Happy Holidays.


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