November 22, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Black Friday

I shop every year on Black Friday. Yip. Every year. It's a tradition with my friend. Sometimes I get what I want, sometimes I don't. But, most often I do. We have a plan. We have fun. We like the adrenaline rush. Most importantly, we are night owls. The trick is just not going to bed. And a long nap Thanksgiving afternoon.

I usually look forward to it. But, as you may know this year is very different. Also, my shopping friend just gave birth. Our shopping trip is in serious jeopardy. It may be Cyber Monday for us in 2010.


♥Georgie♥ said...

I am so sorry yet so elated for your BF shopping friend happy for the fact she had a baby sorry she can't do BF BUT cyber Monday is all the rage now...just minus the crowds =)

Dawn said...

Awe. If I were going to be here, I'd go with you even if I don't usually go. I hate for you to miss out on something you really enjoy doing.

Maybe you can hook up with Jenny and her craziness. Ha!

You are in my thoughts as the holidays approach.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hope you get to do a little shopping at least. I need to check out cyber Monday. I've nver heard of it.

lighttraveler said...

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