November 29, 2010

MM: Christmas Decor

Today at theRHOK, Mrs. Edwards wants to know about when you decorate for the Christmas season. While that may mean Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Frestivus to you, here it does mean Christmas.  And we don't start till the fat lady turkey has sung.  I mean, I am not the proud inventor of the Give Turkey's a Chance movement for nothin'.

As of now, my husband surprised me with his general enthusiasm and put the outside lights ahead of HIS schedule, but right on mine. Small Christmas miracles, they do still happen. We also have our big tree up.  That was no small feat people.  That required moving 5 large pieces of furniture, lots of vacuuming and the discovery of lots of crap underneath. Child labor was enthusiastic and ready to help, though. And....


Now, we are no where near the House Tour of 2009, which is still one of my most viewed posts, all year long.  The house will almost look the same, so just pretend it's 2010, ok?

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

We always have to do some rearranging and find lots of unexpected stuff that's been hiding under the furniture too :)

♥Georgie♥ said...

pretty pretty pretty...I love that you have a skinny tree...this yr is my first yr to own a skinny tree...I am gettin mixed reviews from the family BUT I love it...

Dawn said...

Very pretty!

I can't believe you already have lights on the house and one tree up! I'm jealous!

We don't have to move much furniture for either of our trees - thank goodness.

I'm headed over to see your Christmas tour pictures.

Dawn said...

Oh, and I'm diggin' the new layout!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

The new layout looks great!

I LOVE your tall tree! It's gorgeous! I'm fortunate to have an open space where I can just put my tree up. No moving furniture. I do love to clean though while I'm putting up Christmas decor. It's like my time for "spring cleaning" in the winter. Makes everything feel all fresh and new again.

I checked out your Christmas tour pics and they're beautiful!! Love them!

Mrs. Edwards

kenziekylanmom said...

I love those tall, thin trees! Looks beautiful!!! I'm going to check out your Christmas pic tour from last year.

Baloney said...

I have a skinny tree too.
LOL about the lights being ahead of HIS schedule. I hear ya. That's Doc most of the time but he loves having lights outside!


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