December 24, 2011

The (Mom) Rules

Since Grayce is 7 this year, she has lots of questions about Christmas. At my house if you don't believe, you won't receive from the man in the red suit. At our house he brings the best gifts-so I'm sure this is why my 6th grader still plays along-never questioning a thing. We've never told him otherwise. My answer is always the same when Claus is questioned.

This year an Elf of the Shelf adopted us. Chuckie has been very helpful. I'll be keeping him around. Do they make a year round one? Because I need 365 care. If you've seen the Elf on the Shelf movie, our dynamic was quite the same. An older boy who pretended to care less and a girl who thought it was the coolest thing in the free world.

Then she started regularly asking me about elves, proclaiming it to be her life's ambition to become an elf, and asking me a million things about Santa in the car last night. I'm sure maybe when some parents get this they might give up the goods. But not me. I answered about every rule & question. Then when we got to "have you ever been to the North Pole", and I said, "no, why?" she then proceeded to ask me how I knew all this without ever having met Santa....

They're special mom rules, I explained. You have to memorize a lot of rules and information before becoming a mom.

Oh, and it's hard and takes awhile which is why you don't have kids till you're at least 25. (well, I was already embellishing)

Merry Christmas,
The Southern Mama

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