February 13, 2009

More Valentine's Day...

Here is little miss with her V-day box she worked hard on to make "sparkly". This was during her party yesterday.

Here are just some of the roses that hubs and the kids sent me yesterday. He said he ordered red roses and chocolates, but I got a dozen assorted colors - which are just gorgeous (and no chocolate). But, I think it's just fine.

Here's Gav at his party today. His class made bookmarks and ate A LOT of cupcakes. Gray's class got more cupcakes today, you know because they didn't have enough yesterday, and all. All in all I am pretty Valentinesed out and it isn't even here yet!

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Sandra said...

It looks like you had a great Valentine's Eve! The roses are absolutely beautiful!

Baloney said...

You are an overachiever with that box of hers. I took a picture and plan to mention it - whenever I get caught up.

Tammy said...

Such beautiful flowers and your kids are cuties!

Love the spring look.


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