February 10, 2009

Outside Fun

After the busy weekend I had, I was happy it was nice out on Sunday! The kids enjoyed some time outside and Grayce took her white tiger for a ride on the plasma car.

Such a change from the ice we had last week!

Gavin and Dad played some catch, as baseball will start soon. He's a lefty.

Yesterday, though, it all caught up to me and I was wiped out- a true Monday! And on a random note--*Just want to mention how I am so happy all the Blissdom ladies had so much fun at the blogging conference, but I am so sad I missed it! I now have about 2347 things to read, too- so that is going to take me awhile. Can y'all stop writing till I get caught up?*

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Anniebanannie said...

We are LOVING this weather too!

Great form Gavin has! My husband is a lefty as well, and he was a pitcher. He tried to tie Barrick's right arm behind his back when he was little, but it didn't work...he's still a righty. ;)

Valarie Lea said...

I saw a girl walk into the high school this morning when I dropped Syd off, and she had on bermuda shorts and sandals. Now its warm, but it certainly is not time for that. Flip Flops are one thing to where, but these were like those gladiater sandal things. It just did not look right. Its just to early for that.

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

We're having nice weather here in GA right now too. I hopped over here from Kristen's blog. So nice to meet you. Your kids are darling.

Baloney said...

You can thank me for the nice weather. I think it is a result of our family leaving town. We brought the temperature down in Utah a notch and constant snowstorms as well!
However... I was happy to miss the storms rolling through tonight!


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