June 2, 2010

In the shape of an "L" on her forehead...

So, yesterday I signed on to be a loser with my friend Kelly. I paid good money folks, to call myself a loser. As in the biggest loser, at what my kids call "the big teeth" place: Jimmy Lee's in Bixby.

I may or may not be writing this whilst suffering pains deep from places that did not wish to be bothered.

You know the other day over at the RHOK when Mrs. Albright through a challenge down? Apparently this was just what we needed to brainwash our competitive natures into thinking summer torture was a great plan.

But, I'm admitting lt's kind of necessary anyway, so I guess I can't put it off forever. I mean it has been about 2 years now since I last went under the knife or had a major medical trauma. You see that run of pregnancy, birth, bulged disc, carpal tunnel surgery, bulged disc, pregnancy, birth, near death hemorrhage, heart failure, blood tranfusions, ruptured disc, carpal tunnel surgery, back surgery, torn rotator cuff surgery, double lumpectomy, & finger surgery kind of put a dent in my physical fitness. I feel like crap now, so why not add to the misery. Certainly there's a point when I stop just being a loser and become a "loser" that feels better. Right? Please say yes because it just hurts right now. Badly.

For the next six weeks we are doing the challenge. The winner gets like 5k worth of personal training. Wish me luck. I'll need it. if you don't hear from me for awhile, send Ben-Gay and chocolate.


Lauri Rottmayer said...

You can do it! I'm cheering for you. :-)

Dawn said...

Yay!! You go girl! I'll be cheering for you too.

And, I think you've gotten me beat on surgeries. LOL!

We are going to be some HAWT housewives by the end of summer!

Mrs. Howell said...

Land sakes...that is alot of "physical fitness" you have undergone!!!
BEST OF LUCK ON BEIN' A LOSER!! I'm not in the official competition but I did say that I would jump on the RHOK weight loss/support bandwagon. So I assure you that I will be suffering as well!!
Here's to smaller butts!!

Beth said...

Cheering for all of you to do well and for sure for one of the RHOK to take first place! :)


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