June 29, 2010

MM on Tuesday: Because I go against the grain, y'all

This weeks MM question over at the RHOK was: Think about back when you met your spouse. Since then what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

So, I can't think of  anything really significant. After all, I am a very stubborn & unyielding  independent type A person. All I can think of is that I am no longer OCD about cleaning and what not.  Because after about 10 years I got really tired of picking up after people. It is really annoying to clean the bathroom twice a day.  So now, it gets done when it get done.  What can I say? If you like stuff splattered on the mirror, you can have it that way. Or, if you enjoy changing clothes 2-3 times a day, then putting them in the dirty clothes after wearing them for 2 hours- then I'll ignore pile getting bigger. What do you mean stuff does not go just where ever you want to leave it? That's what everyone thinks around here. And who is this Not Me, and where does he hide??  Meh. Whatev...

(image by Edward Koren)

Do you think that means I became more laid back?


I'm really just more cranky with a mess. In reality TV terms: I went from Obsessed to Say Yes to the Mess. If I end up on Psych Ward, you'll know why.


Dawn said...

Girl, I can completely relate!

Before kids I didn't even own a mop. I did it on my hands and knees. I'm lucky now to mop once every three weeks.

I get so tired of being the only one to clean up around the house.

Dawn said...

Maybe we can get a discount on a shared room in the pysch ward?!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Ummmm ... I haven't even read this post yet but HAD to stop to comment on the fact that even in my Google Reader ... the first thing below your title was a Google Ad for Fleet Enemas! And given that your title says you *go against the grain* ... well ... ummm ... yeah!

Heading quietly off to read what you meant to say now!

Beth Zimmerman said...

And if y'all can stand my whacked out sense of humor I'll just move on in with ya!


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