June 7, 2010

Mcklinky Monday: Who were you in high school?

It's MM again over at the RHOK. And this is very late because BLOGGER is giving me troubles wanting to post!

This is a weird one. Mainly because who you think you were, versus what people will remember later of what you were, is really different. That's just something I've learned over the past few years.

I guess I was well rounded. I don't know really. I had good grades, but was not merit scholar. I was a cheerleader for awhile. I was on the yearbook and newspaper staff. I took AP Spanish. I had a large variety of friends in many different cliques. So, I guess I was average. And I played it safe. Oh, and I was tall like Mrs. Priss. Been this way since 7th grade.

I enjoy the fact that certain people who I've spoken over the last 10 and 15 years sought me out because they wanted to find me. I've been described as very smart (really?), very nice, and the one they really wanted to re-connect with--I didn't think I was all that exciting, folks. I just did my best to get by with the least amount of drama. I had a great time at my 10 year, and am looking forward to 20 in a few years.

Who do you think you were? Link up over at the rhok.com!


Dawn said...

Loved seeing those pictures of you.

I was a lot like you, I was friends with all types of people.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

It does sound like you were well rounded! Nice pics too :)

Penny said...

Oh, Aub! Did you have to include me in that cheerleading picture?:) ouch! Great thoughts...i was definitely not cut out to be a cheerleader. I much preferred having two feet on the ground..on the tennis court to be specific!

Baloney said...

A flute solo? Is that the next RHOK video? C'mon. :)


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