June 22, 2010

WW: My Girl

We had the big state pageant this past weekend, and the little miss did not win what she hoped. But she did win 2nd runner up talent, 3rd runner up model, and four 1st places in camo wear, jungle jive (shown), party dress, and talent.  She was awesome!  So proud of her.  Visit more WW at 5M4M!


Baloney said...

I'd vote for her!

kailani said...

I love the curls! So cute!

ShaRhonda said...

She is so pretty. Can we get a panel of RHOK judges together? We'd teach them a thing or two about judging!!!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

She's a cutie-pa-tootie!!!

P.S. Visiting from Dawn's blog.

Dawn said...

She looked absolutely adorable!


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