June 26, 2010

Need for Healing

(edited from Tara's FB note)
Dear Southern family readers & friends,

Today, there is a tremendous need for prayer &/or healing thoughts. Some friends of our family, Tonya and Kenny Foreman's daughter Shelby, 11, was diagnosed with Leukemia yesterday. Shelby had some tests ran after being ill for a short time, and was referred to a blood specialist in Tulsa Thursday. Friday, additional blood tests were performed and the diagnosis was confirmed. The doctor has outlined a plan for Shelby, starting with the installation of a port, a bone marrow sample, and a spinal tap. She will be remaining in St. Francis Children's Hospital in Tulsa through next Friday, July 1. Shelby will begin chemotherapy right away on Monday, and will continue chemo on Mondays and Thursdays for the next month. The quicker the Leukemia is hit with chemo, the better. The treatments will be in Tulsa. Tonya has asked that we pray specifically that the Leukemia is not in the spinal fluid when they test it on Monday. This will determine the progressive status of the Leukemia, and the hope is that none is present in the spinal fluid. Tonya's family is a family of strong faith and they will overcome this crisis. Shelby has been told what the plan is, and she is naturally scared, but her family will be there every step of the way. Rhett and Kensly are staying with Nanny and papa Tom, so please know they are well cared for. Below is a link if you want to learn about the illness.


Thank you for your prayers and please utilize prayer chains to help Shelby promptly fight this illness.


Dawn said...

That's so sad. Shelby will be in my prayers.

TIFFANY said...

Will be praying for her. St. Francis is a wonderful place. She is in good hands.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Will be praying for her, her family and her doctors!

Baloney said...

Bless her heart. My thoughts are prayers are with Shelby and her family. Keep us posted.


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