July 26, 2008


If you are 'lucky' enough to live where we do, then you get to live through many interesting weather related events. In the summer time, among other things, there are EHW's- or Excessive Heat Warnings. This means don't go out, it's too stinkin' hot & humid. Children get creative. Notice Grayce, for instance. She is modeling her OSU cheerleading skirt, paired with Hello Kitty tights, this with black tap shoes- no ties. She has this matched with a white wool Stroud cheerleading sweater- all over her orange Gymboree off shoulder shirt and floral shorts (if you could see those, of course.) AND, in between that she has on a black long sleeve gymnastics leotard. (Is anyone getting the irony in this?) She wore this to clean her room.
And above, I just want you to see what, too, could happen to your bathroom, if your children stayed inside all day, long, long- did I say long?

Sometimes, for a break from cleaning her room, Grayce would come out and tap dance in the kitchen. She was killing time anyway. See...that's a whole other issue, sort of. Well, I have time I guess. We are, were waiting for 2 reasons. 1.) Waiting for the sun to go down so we could go outside to play a bit. You know, like we're bats or opossums or something. 2.) We were also waiting for her brother to finish cleaning his room. This is a whole other post. I have probably even posted that post before. HE is the WORST room cleaner in the FREE WORLD. She is half is age and can out clean him in 8 seconds flat. Really, she can. Unless- oh no! What's this??

*Gasp!* It seems ( in true Gone with the Wind fashion), Grayce has momentarily taken a little spell. Whew! Those EHW's can be tough! Quick, someone tell Rhett to bring the smellin' salts and a fan!! ( Yah-I bet she still beats her brother, anyhow.)
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