July 29, 2008

First Football Practice...

Sorry, it won't be all that exciting to view or read about just yet. It was overcast. The photos are bad-I only had the small camera and I wasn't going to get out into the action, after all, for better shots of practice for goodness sakes. This is a new team for Gavin this year. He likes it. It's true, I am a little sad about it- but that is for silly mom reasons (like I will miss the other mom's I know). Anyway, I will meet new mom's & it will be fine. Back to football & boys. He had a great first practice. There was plenty of hitting and grunting.
Here is Gavin about to lay out Mason (I think). It's really hard to tell who they are with all this garb on...

And here's my Grayce. She likes to go & drink gatorade that matches the hue of her eyes. Because she's a fashionista diva, after all- even if she is at her brother's 100 degree football practice.

Finally, it was a wrap with a pep talk and a "Go Blue" or something of the sort and we were off for our 9:00 dinner. Ahh, 9pm dinner. If you have a family that suffers from LBSCBDO (nod to PW here) , this is not a fun time of year, for four nights a week. But, we survive- somehow. Football. There's nothing like it. And just think, he's only 8!

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