July 25, 2008

New but Old 'Rockin' Pic

This photo is my girl in her favorite shirt, of course:-). And this is an edit done in Photo Scape. And, yes- she is wearing her skinny brother's fully padded football pants. Why? Because she loves wearing her brother's clothes (mainly to annoy him) & we live in Oklahoma, land of crazed men where they already have started football practice. What? Baseball was just done a month ago? Yes, I know. What? It's 100 in the shade? Yes, I know. Those crazed men seem to be all about football around here. Us women folk- we just send cold water, and let them get on with their silly ways. What? No photos of football practice? NO. It's like this. I was too hot. Really. I was sweating like crazy. And I would have had to move from my chair, because there were too many of those crazed men all around like I was telling you about- blocking my view. Later next week they start the smaller, more manageable team practices and maybe Grayce and I will manage to take ourselves down there for photo-ops of the new team. Promise (maybe I'm crossing my fingers, and maybe I am not). Check back later for hot football pics- hahahaha:-).
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