July 31, 2008

Stella Bella's Birthday

Finally! It was time for Stella Bella's Partay! (Again Grayce terms, here)

Right there, that cute little one on the left- that's Stella Bella herself.

Oh, the trials of balloon blowing.

Okay, really...for starters, Grayce's friends name isn't Stella Bella. It really is Stella, but not Bella. Anyway, that is just what she calls her and she had a party yesterday (not a partay). Even though there are no pictures of Grayce and Stella together- for some reason, they were both in fact there, together. It was at that Neinhuis place. I had the Blue filter on again. But, it was an accident! And I was annoyed. I got home and was like, what? How did this happen!I did not want blue pictures today!

Then I figured out how to edit some of them back to normal IF we weren't over by a BIG blue of blueness, like the pool for instance. And, so, my children don't look like smurfs in all of the shots. And...there was a pinata at the party.

Pinatas are always a 'hit'. Get it? Ha. Sometimes, I crack myself up.

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