July 17, 2008

New 'Nastics' Suit

Grayce needed a new 'nastic' suit (this would be her terminology)- because, well, she grows quick. She is the tallest 4 year old with a long body & long legs (we are not complaining here!). However, this makes clothes- especially swimwear, nastic suits and pants-that have to replaced a lot. Please disregard her unkempt hair, too. I just didn't realize its full messiness till after I was editing these. Her hair is a whole other issue- what to do, what to do? It's curly and fine and well- those 2 things combined are not good in OK humidity.
Anyway- I say to her, "I need to take some pictures of you in your new suit". "No", she replies. Then in a minute, "Well, maybe just one." (Posing commences)

"You can take another one, " she says with her giggle.

She is such a ham, I tell you. She could never just take one picture. It's completly impossible. (I just love her little muscle'y' gym legs!)
See? A complete ham.

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