July 13, 2008

Jacob turns 3!

Saturday, we went to Stillwater to celebrate Jacob's 3rd birthday! Jacob has been on the blog before- you know he is my friend Mary Ann'e firstborn. He loves Thomas the Train, with great passion!

Jacob's cute sister Ava.

There was swimming, too! Swimming was great fun until it started to thunder...then we had to get out. Grayce is still mad about it.

These are all the smaller party guests. I will give you the low down- but pay attention, it can be complicated. Mary Anne, me, Emily, and Jill were also at the party. We are all sorority sisters- so the future little deltas (4) are labeled as such. But, some of them are also cousins- because Mary Anne married Emily's brother John. Now, Mary Anne's brother also married one of our ddd sisters- and they have 2 girls, also...but they live in Scottsdale and weren't there- so there are only 4 in the picture. But- if you are keeping track in Mary Anne's family alone there are 5 little delta's!

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