December 11, 2008


Whew! This is the 249th post o' the blog I started back in June 2006. That was when no one read them. And since we are talkin' numbers, I will throw out some more.

34. That is how old I am. gasp. And how many Nutcrackers I have. Totally weird coinky-dink. There was some curiosity into the, I am giving you a more in-depth look.

This one is an OSU cowboy nutcracker...he is one of my favorites.

8000. This is the number I was witness to on my blog the other day. Of course, I have only been keeping track since Jan 08 sometime- so it is not really accurate. But, it was cool. And, now, when I last looked it was already at almost 8,500! In just 2 days. That is the power of the Nester's Garland Show and Tell! Almost 400 people visited my garland in one day. Wowza. Ok, it's no 2million like My Charming Kids or anything- but I am pretty pumped about it.

Can't wait till tomorrow when we start the tree tour! There is also one going on at That Family tomorrow. And, then another one on Monday at Boo Mama. SO, get your tree posts ready to link!

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dawnkristine said...

This is a great blog, sorry I missed it in the past...and your home is BEAUTIFUL...thank you for sharing!


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