December 16, 2008

Snow Day Idea No. 342

#342. Drag out the ol' sledding discs you bought at Walmart about 2 summers ago for $2.

And let them slide down the driveway.

But, only for about 15 minutes, because your hands will become numb and achey.

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Katrina said...

I love how Grayce is wearing Crocs! LOL Looks like lots of fun! No snow here! I'm bummed!

Anniebanannie said...

I think we're on about the same number around here. I find myself migrating from the computer to the kitchen. Computer to the kitchen. Reading email/blogs and eating. It's a continuous pattern. Arggg...

Baloney said...

My boys and I were very disappointed. Our sleds are in the outside storage - and there is an ice drift in the way!

Laura B. said...

Looks like so much fun!

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