December 3, 2008

An award, for me? Oh, thank you, thank you to all my fans...

Thank you, thank you Baloney for this fab bloggy honor! But,
being an award recipient means following a few rules...
I must list 5 of my favorite addictions and then pass this along to 5 friends.
1. Computer (blogging, facebook & email, actual working, etc.)
2. Coke
3. TV- I think I watch everything on A&E and TLC. But, only late when no one bothers me.
4. Photography
5. Shopping
Had to pick 5, so I'm tagging the following friends:
1. Mrs.007
2. Momma's Musings
3. Topiary Lady
4. The Fishin' Mama
5. The Whitnall Family
6. YOU! Feel free to tag yourself and leave your blog link in the comments! You are all fabulous (and I totally copied this great idea from Baloney)

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1 comment:

Fishin' Mama said...

Thank you for the tag....sorry I'm a little late on catching it!


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