December 15, 2008

Getting in the Spirit!

This weekend we spent doing some very Christmassy things! We decorated cookies. We used A LOT of red icing.

I am just noting that today we are also out of school! Which was unexpected. I should have waited on this activity for today. But, you never know around here. I mean yesterday it was 75 in the afternoon. By about 7 or 8pm it was down in the 20's with windchills in the single digits. Then the "light freezing drizzle" became A LOT of very loud sleet. And people wonder why we are always ill with head colds around here. There isn't anything quite like weather in Oklahoma!

Anywho- before the wicked cold came- Saturday night we went and walked thru the lights of Rhema. I have lived here forever and have never walked thru them. It was beautiful and amazing. I mean, that is A LOT of lights. A LOT. I highly recommend the walk if you are close by! The kids loved it. Maybe, a little too much- as I was having to "scream" at them quite often to listen and walk, and not get off the sidewalk. But, it was so exciting for them they could hardly stand it.

They flipped!

This photo was a special request of Gavin because it was a Mexican theme. His Christmas program at school is Mexican themed (we get a lot of "Feleece Navidaaah" lately)- so he was so excited to have a picture by this. We even had to wait on some other people. Evidently, the donkey is popular.

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Anniebanannie said...

Sat. night would have been the PERFECT night to go. We didn't, however, and now it's probably going to be too FR-EEEZING cold. There are so many things we want to do and time is slipping away!

PS: I hope they have school tomorrow so we can at least see the program I've been hearing about for weeks!

Baloney said...

I'm hoping for school tomorrow too - because I have to miss THURSDAY!!
Rhema is fun. My in-laws promised to take my kids and I'm all for it. Too cold.

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