December 8, 2008

4 year old Homework

I think I have talked before about the Pre-K homework, and how Grayce loves to do it- and can hardly wait past Tuesday to get it finished and turned in...well, here are some o's for ya.

Then, on the back of this one- she had this to show me.

Because, she tries hard to know how to spell names. Now, Barrick's mom- aren't you flattered she can spell Barrick all by her lonesome? :-) On another note, here last night, I had the list of everyone's first names in class, so I could work on the stocking project. She picked it up and said- "I know what this says", then proceeded to read every single name off this list correctly-all 18 of them...I think she must be learning something.

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Baloney said...

Jacob doesn't like the homework. It's a drag forcing my two boys to get their work done! Glad someone likes it!!

Anniebanannie said...

TOO funny! She can write Barrick's name so well! Flattered...very very flattered.

Bear is okay with doing the work. I think overall it's pretty boring to him. Must be a boy thing.

Anniebanannie said... that a lovely picture of each of them? I just saw that! Very cute.

The Southern Family said...

The stick people? Yes...the red with the spikey hair is Barrick, she said.

Susan said...

Awww, what a smart little cookie! So fun to see what they pick up.

Susan said...

Okay, forgive the 2nd comment ... but I just saw that you have a hedgehog. We do too! Very cool!


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