December 2, 2008


This post is very random...first some Thanksgiving shots. This one of Jack, doing his best 'please feed me' impression.
Here are the kids eating their favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Grayce has a popsicle and Gavin has a lot of cherry pie. Very Thanksgiving-ey, eh?

Here are cousin Hayden and Grayce hanging out, wanting to 'eat'. Hayden would not look at me at anytime when I wanted him to...obviously, he is related.

Here's Grayce in her Indian hat, she had to wear it for "Thanksgibing". I had to repair it a lot with scotch tape, but it made it through the day.

Kissy face.
Then, there was shopping. Friday, I left the house at 4:15am, and went to get Dara. We were at Walmart about 4:40am. At the same time my mom and sister were in the Owasso store- while we were in Bixby. They let people get stuff early in Owasso, and my mom did not get what she went for- for Grayce. So, I had to figure out how to get this item...and I did. Then, a brisk run through to the front-picking up other things I needed on the way, and then to self check out (no line- the ONLY place, yah! Wal-mart) We were out of there by 5:39am and then onto Target- which opened at 6AM. Above is the line to get in the store- it went on for like half a mile. The guards were doing their best not to let people cut- and there were some who did- and were actually annoyed that they weren't letting people cut in. Hello rude people! Attention: If you want to get in before others, wait in the line like they did. Don't expect to walk right up, when clearly there is a line and go right on in...ERG! The guard kept saying you will have to go to the end of the line- until finally we told him we would just wait for the end of the line to get to the door- as we were not going to walk half a mile, freezing, to walk half a mile back. C'mon, crazy man. We are smart shoppers, here. After Target, we went to Kohl's, then to Toys R Us, then to Kmart. We got home about 8 hours after we left...12:30pm. Very, very tired. But, alas, I had to wrap because there are snoopy small people who live here.
Then, that brings us to this, which has nothing to do with any of the other. This is the sky last night. This was the brightest that jupiter and venus will be this close to the moon until 2052. So, in case you are not around then, I tried to capture it for you the best I could.

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Anniebanannie said...

Cute pics!!! Okay, i've had the drama going on with my blog. It's the same but different. Different URL b/c of an email account issue. So the original one you have is no longer my "fresh" one. This one is!!!

Sorry for the confusion. Just when I was getting into the flow of things it messes up!

Katrina said...

Wow! You are a dedicated shopper! I did go shopping, but not until about 5pm on Black Friday. The mall was dead, but deals were still to be found!


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