December 9, 2008

Explaining Winter

Okay, so on the way to school from gymnastics today, while the frigid winter wind was wailing... I was given a horticulture quiz from the 4 year old.

GSS: Why is the grass dead now?
MOM: It's not, really.
GSS: But, it's brown.
MOM: Yes, that is because it is dormant.
GSS: What's dormant?
MOM: It's taking a rest. It won't be green again till spring
GSS: Why are the leaves off the trees and brown, but some trees are green?
MOM: Some trees go dormant because they are deciduous. Can you say deciduous.
GSS: Duchuwas
MOM: Close enough.
GSS: What are the green ones called?
MOM: Evergreens
GSS: Okay. And some bushes, they are all green too.
(Silence, I thought we were done)
GSS: What is the green stuff on the brown tree's bottom part. Why is that green?
MOM: What are you meaning, exactly??
(About 1mile later, I figure it out)
GSS: There, right there, look at that trees bottom. It has green.
MOM: You mean moss? That is moss growing on the trunk.
GSS: That is every-green.
MOM: I suppose it is!

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful lesson in plant life. :-)

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1 comment:

Anniebanannie said...

This sounds all too familiar. We have in-depth convos in the car almost daily. Bear is really into the earth and trying to understand the concept of rotation and all of the goods. So this has been topic of discussion as of late.

Great post! I love their interpretations, so raw and fresh. Just wish we could keep em that way forever!!


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