December 31, 2008


Ok, so here's proof that Santa came to visit our living room. I know some of you got the 411 from me via Mom Blogs that you could do this capture the magic business on a pro site. And, that is all well and good....and I almost paid my $9.95- until I recalled I have the abilities to do it myself. Anywho- Christmas Eve, the kids and I "set-up" the camera on motion sensor. Yah, we don't really have that feature- so I am toast if anyone asks me to use it later. It worked and voila, here he is. Husband thinks he is much shorter than he imagined. I say, we have a big tree. The kids weren't analyzing it that much...they weren't even shocked really. I guess that means we haven't blown cover or no mean bully has ruined it yet. Besides, if questioned- I have always replied, if you don't believe then there are no gifts. That works great.

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