January 15, 2009

Beloved Taggy, Fro' Me to You

I don't think I have ever really blogged about Grayce and her beloved Taggy. And, because I am with a lack of content due to extremely cold temps and no new pics or really old ones ready- well, I am making it work.
When I was pregnant with Gray my Granny discovered these special Taggy blankets. They were essentially little squares of soft fleece with satin ribbons looped and sewn in, made for babies and kids, because often they like the feel of satiny tags on blankets. So why not a whole blanket of tags! The catalogs and stores had them for $20- but Granny can make anything, so she whipped some up. This pink one was for Grayce.
Grayce will be 5 in March and the original Taggy is still "the one". After about year 1, and 2, and 3- Granny made her new ones, and made them for me to sell in my monogramming shop. I would find Granny the materials on sale and send them her way. However, Grayce would never take a new one- original Taggy is her only love. Until her _(I'm not even saying) birthday, it was her "TaggyPacee" combo that she had to have and we had to keep track of...happy now it's only Taggy. Taggy has been lost and found many times over. Once recenlty, it spent 2 nights at Steak and Shake. Steak and Shake is now forever "that place I lefted my Taggy" to Grayce. (She says that every Tuesday when she requests to eat there after gymnastics!) The gran-ma's suggested this last time on our hunt to track it down, we should have left it very lost. But, no. I can't. She would probably get over it (um, maybe)- but to me it is part of her and smells like her little baby spirit. Taggy used to be very pink. Now it is "dishwater pink", pilled, and missing some loops. But no amount of detergent or bleach can wash all that Taggy lovin' away.

Check out Kristen today for more Fro' Me to You Thursday. (This post is Fro' Me to You, sincerely- and something from the past and present, though not your usual Fro' post.)

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Tammy said...

My kids were not blanket kids, but I have a friend who has about 3 of the exact same taggy blanket for her 3 year old!!

So sweet!

We are THAT Family said...

My 2 yo is obsessed with her "kinky" Yes, that's what she calls it (Lucky, I guess!) short for blankie. So, I hear ya on the blanket thing. I've done some strange things to make sure she has it.

Jenny in Utah said...

Those are the best lil' blankies out there - love 'em!

Ashley @ mrs007.com said...

Awww! Livie has a taggie! I actually just bought her a new one and much to my surprise she likes it too :) She also carries around a DW doll with yarn hair that used to be Addie's lovey. It's so sweet that they both have a thing for yarn hair babies

Anniebanannie said...

About the pacee...B had the binky around here till I-won't-even-day years old. (hint:notice year is PLURAL, and I mean plural!)
Anyway...I'm glad to know others went through the same pacee/binky "phases!"

Way to go Granny for making such wonderful taggies!!!


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