January 14, 2009

Take Down

Just wanted to throw in a little photo of Gavin, since he hasn't gotten as much air time lately. (And it's because he AVOIDS being photographed at all cost!) But, we got team pictures back last night from wrestling, so he didn't have a choice really. Every year they have them do this pose. Every year. Anyway- the outfits are new this time so it changes it up! We opted not to wrestle in the last few tournaments, because of holidays or distance-but he may be back at it again next weekend. And, that doesn't mean he hasn't been at practice 3 nights a week- because he has.
The baseball process has already began too, and that is really on my nerve at the moment. This is our 5th year of baseball, and wrestling- and we will start the 4th year of football in late summer. Oh, yeah- he is not even 9 yet. What's a girl to do? Look ahead to the 3 weeks of the year with no sports at our house...in July? We hardly know what to do then! Ok, and now add the gymnastics girl in the mix who also wants to play tennis. You see why I am always in the car?? Always. In. The. Car.

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Valarie Lea said...

I know exactly what you mean. Softball starts up in a month, and last until about August. That does not include Logan's Baseball, and Basketball. I feel your pain...

CarolinaMama said...

What a great blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a Tri Delta so I noticed the header on your shopping blog. :)


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