January 30, 2009


Super cute valentine shirts, for your girl...I have 2 MORE I am giving away today!! One is an adorable little cupcake number (Choose size s 6-8 or m 10-12). The other is a heart with wings, on the shoulder (s 6-8). Just leave me a comment about your Valentine's Day plans or traditions. (Ya'll keep it clean, this is a family blog. I don't need details :-) ) AND We Are THAT Family is getting the one she won sent out to her today- cause I finally know where to send it. However, ATTENTION COWKIDMOM, or anyone that knows her....she won one too, but I haven't heard from her and she has no usuable contact info from the comment she left. Help me tell her she won. Are you ever coming back COWKIDMOM? Hello??

Happy Commenting. You have till Sunday night at 8pm CST!!

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Tammy said...

No real VD tradition here. This year we are making plans to go out to have a grown up dinner with some friends of ours.

MJ said...

I teach kindergarten...after all of the excitement at school, we keep it pretty low-key here at home although hubby usually lets me soak in the tub while HE cooks. That's my idea of heaven!!!

P.S.He loves you.. said...

I'm hosting a Valentines Party at our local Senior Center..this is something I started with every Hoilday two years ago as the homeschool group we participate with joins us with all their kids to go make a craft/gift for the seniors..a real sweet treat for everyone!

Another great giveaway!

Seeryus Mama said...

I have to work all day on Valentine's Day. It's a bummer because that is my anniversary too. We might go out for dinner though...make it a family event with the kiddies. I'm thinking that the Mongolian Grill sounds yummy!!

I love your little Schnoodle by the way! We have a mini schnauzer, her name is Lucy...she looks a lot like your Jack except her ears were never cropped and stick straight up! She's got some big ol' ears!



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