January 18, 2009

New technology test...

Ok, Internet peeps- this is a test of me posting a post from my iPod! I love technology. This iPod touch is da bomb...if you don't know- a long while back my laptop crashed. I'm talking like almost a year ago. It's still at geek rescue because I refuse to pay them $75 because they can't do anything to fix it. Yes, I am stubborn.
Anyhoo- never felt like I had an extra $600 or much more to spend on a new one when we have 2 other computers here. Down side, my main computer is in the bedroom and my husband goes to bed at early o'clock- and as you know, I don't! I was losing lots of "working" time. Then I learned of this iPod touch. And i went on about wanting one. And in a totally unexpected move, my husband got me one for Christmas! It's almost as wonderful as a laptop- in some ways more wonderful. Today, I am testing the free app to post to blogger. Down side- can't add pics. But, if it works okay, then I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for a fancier app. I heart apple! ;-)

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