January 6, 2009

Wiied You Like to Play?

I bet all of you wiied love to have this kind of energy while running a fever and not being able to breathe without making a lot of crunchy noise...

Or, have this energy just- you know, at all.

I did make her sit after this. Since, she was coughing her head off and such. But, she still contends she is NOT sick and is SO MAD about not going to school and 'nastics. Hopefully her cough will turn the corner soon!

In the meantime, I must add when Mii Gavin and Mii Grayce play-- its much more harmonious. They look nothing like the real 'mines' however. And, that is only fitting. Mii's don't yell and fight like 'mines'.

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Valarie Lea said...

Boy do you have that last part right!

Anniebanannie said...

Funny! Bear's favorite is creating mii's, or mines, or whatever. We have our entire family on there.It is actually quite humerous, I must admit.

Hope shii's feeling betta!

maicher said...

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