January 9, 2009

Feliz Navidad Cartwheels

What does one have to do with the other? Nothing. However, I am joining them together for the sake of this post because, well, I can. First, just wanted to mention Grayce has not just been sitting around on her month hiatus from gymnastics. She mastered the one handed cartwheel. She's been working on getting the strength and courage up- and last night, shortness of breath and all- voila.
What?? Of course there is video.
And, then- also yesterday- I had to attend my third graders Christmas Program. Yes, it was Jan. 8th. Well, no school on the original date due to ice caused postponement. So, what to do? Have it January 8th! It was a Christmas Around the World type theme...Gavin's class having Mexico. So, often I would hear him practice the song "Feleesh Navidahhh". I tried correcting, to no avail. It was cute, and I even learned a few things. What's that??? Of course there is video of him too. He is in red, at the very top- to the right of the white column, in front of the blue/green poster. I don't even make you endure the whole song.

By the way, the Grayce update is that her breathing is not worse, but not better- so to speak. Now on to a weekend of stinking breathing treatments.

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