January 27, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

OH, yes, it was my intention to get you singing that song in your head. All the live long day.

Here in ICEland it is freezing. We have about 3/4 of an inch of solid ice, now covered by the dryest snow I've ever seen. It is very strange.

My poor shubbery is looking poised in whatever state is was blown in, then frozen to...

Above and below are the same bush, taken last night and then this AM- so maybe you can tell what happened overnight. That was my intention (along with making you sing Vanilla Ice). But, I am not sure I did a fantastic job on the photo comparison. BUT, in my defense it is (a FREEZING cold and b) It hurts when frozen ice is pelting you from the sky.

It's a huge mess, but very, very stunning all at the same time. We still have power and warmth, so far, so good. It's still falling, though. We (as in me, the 2 kids and the dog & hedgie)will just be here trying to find things to do ...I'm hoping they don't bore themselves of movies and video games until their dad gets home around 6pm.

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Baloney said...

I've been singing it all day anyway! It's in my blog for tomorrow too. :)
Have fun entertaining!

Valarie Lea said...

It really does look pretty though, and just think of the sledding you can do! :)


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