August 10, 2008

First Scrimmage

Not sure what he is up to here...but this shot will remind you to look for #23.

You can tell he is yelling something here before they get set. The kid on the line with his little hands clenched...he is cracking me up. He is ready!

Gavin getting the ball in this one. And, the first glimpse of big bald man in the gray shirt who stuck his body in the way of a lot of my pictures. I took a lot of pictures, but don't want to give away any trade secrets- so I won't post the link to all or let you know unless I know you and you know the secret pass code. And the secret hand shake.

Gavin is just about to get his head whacked up in the left corner- you can see the back of his jersey. It was a great scrimmage, all in all. It was a rainy August night- but the boys did a great job on offense and defense!
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