August 8, 2008

More Pre-K Prep!

Yesterday, we went school supply shopping! It took a long time, and was over $60 for 2 kids! Here is Grayce's Bixby North Pre-K Supply List:
(1) 8-count box large Crayola washable markers
(1) 8-count box thin Crayola washable markers
(2) 24-count box Crayola crayons
(1) 8-count large Crayola crayons
(6) white or clear glue sticks
(1) pair of scissors (Fiskars-blunt)
(2) pkg. of watercolors
(1) box of wipes
(1) Clorox wipes
(1) character pocket folder ( no prongs)
(1) box of Kleenex
(1) change of clothing, labeled in a ziplock bag
(1) box gallon size baggies
(2) 1 quart size baggies

I am mentioning this list here, in case someone is searching for it online. For whatever reason, you cannot find it printed in the store, like the other grades, and you cannot find it on the Bixby PS site. So, I called and they emailed it. Otherwise, I wouldn't bore you with the details. Although it is interesting! And, like my friend Cindy, I find it odd they need so much glue. But this case, I do think her girl wins with the glue. But, we win on zip lock baggies, hands down!

Fyi-It does not all fit in the back pack. But, she tried really hard.

Here is Grayce doing her own "posing". She does this a lot. SO, here it is. This is "Grayce doing a Bridge with Backpack".
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