August 26, 2008

"Oh-ming" (edited: see the end)

Grayce was doing this, this morning while making a "ohmmmmmm" noise. When I say to her, um, Grayce what are you doing- she replies- "Oh-ming." Interesting, I say. Then, "Grayce, why are you oh-ming." To which she replies, "Uh, for power mom", as if I am dumb or something and should know one ohm's for power.

Then I ask the inevitable, where did you learn this from Grayce. She says, "Well, from Sam at my Pre-K mom. He says we have to do it to get more powers." Apparently, this is something Sam knows about, deep meditation for the 4 year old mind. ** Tuesday night was open house at Grayce's school. There is NO Sam in her class, by the way. This is totally bogus information. That girl has some imagination or something. Oh, she is a hoot.
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Dee Light said...

I love it!! You have a super cute blog, and an adorable family.

Baloney said...

That is funny. If Jacob starts "oh-ing" I will ask about Sam...


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